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Drop Shipped Items

Drop Shipped Items

Items ordered in the drop shipped section will be shipped directly from the manufacturer's in China to our customers.  

If ordering from the drop shipped section, please be aware that the shipping on these items will take longer.

The manufacturer's usually ship within 7 business days and delivery is approximately 25 days  from the shipping date and sometimes longer.  So, please wait with patience.  

We buy some items directly from the manufacturer's  because we can not find these items sourced from manufacturer's that have US warehouses.  We feel they are unique items that are worth the wait.  We may also list items in this section that we have had in our inventory several times.  These items are still popular, but are no longer carrying them in the traveling store.

These items are not always vetted, so if you order from this collection and you are not satisfied, please let us know and we will give you the option to return the item and we will refund you. We do read the reviews on these items and only list the items that have 4 to 5 star reviews.  

The tracking on these items are harder to track and not always updated regularly.  Contact us for more info on tracking, but do be aware that the item will be moving normally and the tracking does not update regularly until USPS picks up the package.