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Foldover Zipper Crossbody Purse

$ 46.99

Foldover Zipper Crossbody Purse

This gorgeous cross-body purse is perfect for those who like a small light purse for a shopping trip, or for those who like to carry a light load all the time. This purse, however, can be larger or smaller depending on how it's worn.  Straps can be hooked on the side for a fold over look, which makes the purse smaller.  It can also have the straps attached at the top so it can be worn open and that makes the purse larger.  Two color design adds interest and makes this purse a wonderful addition to everyone's wardrobe.  Available colors are,  Beach, Pink, Coral, Melon, Ocean, and Sky.


length: 9.0
width: 1.0
height: 11.0
Material 100% PU Leather


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