About Blueberi Boutique

Blueberi Boutique is a home owned clothing retailer in Bolivar Missouri.  We are primarily an online boutique, however, we do have a retail location inside Stone Mill Marketplace, LLC, also in Bolivar, MO.  We have a traveling boutique and can be found at fairs and festivals around southwest Missouri.

Bolivar is a small town of about 10,000 and is the home of Southwest Baptist University.  Bolivar also well known for having Dunnegan Park, which is a beautiful park in the northern part of the city.  It's a great place to have family picnics, jog, take walks or just hang out and let the kids play.   The park also features a large pond fully equipped with ducks, geese, swans, peacocks and a few turtles can even  be seen swimming around in the water.  

Blueberi Boutique is owned by the Wells' family, Marty and Gayla.  The Wells' family started in the retail business in 1993, when they bought a brick and mortar gift and bridal registry business and operated it until 2005.  After a brief time out of the business, they started Blueberi Boutique.  Gayla has always had a love for clothing and enjoys searching for fun and unique clothing, shoes and accessories.  We are dedicated to purchasing the most gorgeous items we can find and bringing it to you at affordable prices.  

As mentioned earlier, Blueberi Boutique can also be found inside Stone Mill Marketplace, LLC, which  is located on 13 Highway, just south of town in the Karlin Acres area.  This is a wonderful marketplace with approximately 40 local small  businesses located under one roof.  Each business has their own retail area with their own sign so shoppers know which business they are shopping with.  So be sure and check us out there too!  


Contact information is as follows:

Mailing Address:                                               

Blueberi Boutique

4375 S 82nd Rd,

Bolivar MO 65613

Phone: 417-777-1672

email: blueberiboutique2@gmail.com